Devolution is Useless

It turns out that Mark Frauenfelder gave the Useless Machine to Stephen Colbert.  He had fun showing it to DEVO.

I’m hoping Stephen makes room for it on the shelf next to his photo of House!

The full story can be found at the NoFactZone

Here’s the CR Interview

Colbert ponders the Useless Machine

Colbert ponders the Useless Machine

Here’s the episode of The Colbert Report where Stephen interviews Mark Frauenfelder and operates the Useless Machine.  Mark built his machine using my plans that were published in  Make Magazine.  Stephen was so taken with the machine that Mark gave it to him.

  • In Canada you can view it here.
  • If you’re in the States click here.

If you’re not in either location, try to imagine how cool it was!  You can look at the other Colbert posts and then head over to my instructions so you can Make one yourself.