The Ultimate Machine

The Most Useless Machine EVER…and yet everyone wants one!??!!!
(Buy One Here)

 Check out the latest video above. Uploaded by none other than “Weird Al” Yankovic.

We’ve been building Useless Machines (AKA: Ultimate Machines) for almost 3 years now. We started out by releasing free plans that included a silly YouTube video that has now been viewed over 9 Million Times!

We now present:
The Ultimate Most Useless Machine 

Designed with state-of-the-art CAD software the laser-cut acrylic case is available in Black or Clear.  It has a clear acrylic “finger” that’s back-lit with red & green LED’s.The case, finger and other parts are precision cut using our Epilog Helix laser cutter.


In order to ensure flawless performance and reliable uselessness, we have designed & manufactured our own printed circuit board using Eagle PCB Software.



The Ultimate Most Useless Machine is available as a Parts Kit (see below) or can be purchase with the electronics soldered for you as shown on the left.


Some assembly is required: a #1 Philips screwdriver and a 5/16″ socket (or wrench/pliers/fingers) are the only tools needed. Assembly time is about an hour.  Watch KarstenTS in the video below assembly his Ultimate Useless Machine.  He said it was one of his best gifts ever!

The Ultimate Most Useless Machine KIT:

The Ultimate Most Useless Machine is available as a Do-It-Yourself kit.

We include everything you need make the Ultimate Useless Machine: all the electronics, acrylic case, and hardware as shown.

  You’ll need supply a soldering iron, wire-cutter/stripper, #1 Philips screwdriver, and a 5/16″ socket(or wrench/pliers/fingers) to build this kit. Assembly time is 1-2 hours.

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Machine

  1. I’m trying to establish hacker space for inner city schools
    would like to build your useless machines
    When will the store be open?

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