Useless Machine, Sister Edition

Useless Sister Machine
Kairo-shi, (Circuit Nurse), a builder of Useless Machines has uploaded another epic video. He calls his creations “fully automated withdrawal machines” and like his other machines, this one is feature rich with plenty of attitude.

The machine’s toggle switch moves back and forth, trying to prevent people from pushing his button. If that fails to stop someone, a tiny flame thrower is deployed to further ward off any attackers. Servo powered ears flap in agitation, because no one will leave to poor machine alone.

The Google translation leaves a lot to be desired, such as the title of the post: “Robot that turns ON OFF switch at full has been kneaded whine”. Circuit Nurse describes the video as:

This time withdrawal machine and human quarrel, I was especially try focus on brother and sister fight. A neat sister reluctantly life of the child like a spoiled brat anyway. It ‘s a little pushy is the brother of the struggle to become desperate for sister.

You might have seen some of his other machines in action: “I’ve tried to bully a robot that turns ON OFF switch at full power” and “I’ve fought a robot that turns ON OFF switch at full power“.

(Useless) Machine With Ball Chain


A video by Arthur Ganson of one of his kinetic sculptures.

“A relative of Machine with Roller Chain. This material offers other associations and enters more deeply into the organic realm. One piece of ‘ball chain’ circulates as an endless loop with enough ‘slop’ as to be interesting.”

If you enjoy kinetic art here’s some more of his work: Top 6 kinetic art objects by Arthur Ganson || Perpetual Useless

“Weird Al” Likes Our Box

A long time ago “Weird Al” Yankovic and his band played in town.  We were such fans of his we went to the show, and it was great.  We even gave him one of our useless machines and he was kind enough to post a quick vid of him operating it:

He even tweeted that   “I never realized till now how much I needed one of these.” 

I can’t remember if we ever thanked Al for posting the video, and if not:  Thank you, “Weird Al” Yankovic