Machine flips toggle-switch to Off position, but doesn’t retract:  red LED lights up and the motor turns counter-clockwise.  Machine stops after switching toggle, won’t retract finger, green LED won’t light up.  Solution:  Micro-switch lever may be bent causing it always to be depressed.  Carefully bend lever of micro-switch away from cam so that switch will operate correctly.

Green LED is dim or doesn’t work:  you’ve most likely soldered one of the LEDs in backwards.

LEDs are working backwards (green lights when red should, and vis-a-versa)  You’ve soldering the LEDs in the wrong location or the polarity of the LEDs are backwards.

If you made a mistake installing the LEDs, do not try to unsolder them to fix this problem because the pads/traces may lift from the board.  Instead, clip the LEDs off at the bend on the leads, and resolder at that location.

Slow Motor/Dim LEDs:  use fresh alkaline batteries, not re-chargeables.

Motor not strong enough to flip toggle switch: wrong shaft on motor is being used.  Use shaft that has the ‘bump’ beside it.

Finger slides off Toggleswitch:

  • Ensure motor is screwed tight and flush to motor mount. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN SCREWS.
  • Ensure Cam Disc and Finger are fastened securely to each other, and to motor shaft.
  • If Finger still slips off of the toggle switch, a small ‘shim’ can be inserted between the finger and Cam Disc in order to further align the finger to the toggle.  (In plainer language:  A tiny bit of paper folded up and put in between the Cam Disc and Finger, correctly positioned, will correct this problem).

Machine stops/shuts off too soon,  leaving the finger holding up lid:    You may have installed the microswitch backwards.  The machine will work but the finger will never fully fully retract if you get the microswitch wrong.

4 thoughts on “Troubleshooting

  1. Logan piper

    I bought the kit that you have to solder without the included box. Everything is connected but I haven’t mounted the machine. I went to test everything and after about 10 switches the machine began moving very slow and the battery pack along with the board became very hot. I removed the batteries and am afraid to re-insert them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Brett Post author

      Hi Logan.
      Sounds like you have a short if the motor slows & the battery pack gets hot. Do not put the batteries back in until you figure out the problem.
      Most likely you’ve ‘bridged’ two pins or solder locations on the board. Check your soldering and also make sure the leads on the LEDs aren’t touching each other or other places on the board.

      Let me know if this is the problem, we will get it figured out!

  2. Norman Parrish

    I’m working on my fourth assembly of a machine, and haven’t had any problems before. The problem I’m having is that both LEDs come on, on the “off” cycle of the process. Neither comes on when you turn the switch on. I’ve looked carefully at all of the soldering, and I can’t see any shorts. Any idea where to look?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Brett Post author

      Sounds like you have the red LED installed backwards. See if you can carefully remove it and install the other way.


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