Machine flips toggle-switch to Off position, but doesn’t retract:  red LED lights up and the motor turns counter-clockwise.  Machine stops after switching toggle, won’t retract finger, green LED won’t light up.  Solution:  Micro-switch lever may be bent causing it always to be depressed.  Carefully bend lever of micro-switch away from cam so that switch will operate correctly.

Green LED is dim or doesn’t work:  you’ve most likely soldered one of the LEDs in backwards.

LEDs are working backwards (green lights when red should, and vis-a-versa)  You’ve soldering the LEDs in the wrong location or the polarity of the LEDs are backwards.

If you made a mistake installing the LEDs, do not try to unsolder them to fix this problem because the pads/traces may lift from the board.  Instead, clip the LEDs off at the bend on the leads, and resolder at that location.

Slow Motor/Dim LEDs:  use fresh alkaline batteries, not re-chargeables.

Motor not strong enough to flip toggle switch: wrong shaft on motor is being used.  Use shaft that has the ‘bump’ beside it.

Finger slides off Toggleswitch:

  • Ensure motor is screwed tight and flush to motor mount. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN SCREWS.
  • Ensure Cam Disc and Finger are fastened securely to each other, and to motor shaft.
  • If Finger still slips off of the toggle switch, a small ‘shim’ can be inserted between the finger and Cam Disc in order to further align the finger to the toggle.  (In plainer language:  A tiny bit of paper folded up and put in between the Cam Disc and Finger, correctly positioned, will correct this problem).

Machine stops/shuts off too soon,  leaving the finger holding up lid:    You may have installed the microswitch backwards.  The machine will work but the finger will never fully fully retract if you get the microswitch wrong.

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