December 29, 2009 I posted the build instructions for “The Most Useless Machine, EVER!” on Instructables.com.  I also uploaded a YouTube video of the machine in action.

I sent out the links to Neatorama.com and Hackaday.com, both of which featured the machine on their websites the next day.

On New Years Eve at exactly 9 PM, Gizmodo.com posted about it on their main page.  It was the last post of the year at Giz. They must have really enjoyed the New Years festivities because they didn’t get back to work for almost two days.  No new posts were made on Gizmodo and The Useless Machine remained at the top of their main page.

Useless YouTube Views

Useless YouTube Views

Needless to say, the video went viral thanks to the fine folks at Gizmodo!

Since then I’ve been building and selling Useless Machines.

The Frivolous Engineering Company Inc. was incorporated October, 2011.

We manufacture and sell The Ultimate Useless Machine.  All of our Machines and Kits are made here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Our Mission Statement:
To provide enjoyable, educational electronic kits.

Brett Coulthard,
CEO & not even close to being an engineer
The Frivolous Engineering Company Inc.