Frivolous Engineering was born sometime after the Useless Machine Video that our founder uploaded December 28th, 2009 and went viral that New Years Eve. That single video has racked up more than 10.4 million views and and is still climbing!


Frivolous started selling Useless Machine Kits in Oct 2011.  All of our Machines and Kits are made here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The Frivolous Engineering Company is currently owned and operated by Brett Coulthard. But he’s getting old and would like to pass the production portion of the company to someone younger and more able.  If you would like to work for us please contact us using this page.

Our Mission Statement:
To provide enjoyable, educational electronic kits.

Brett’s Bio

Brett is a Telecommunications Electronics Technician by training. His varied interests in all things technical has allowed him to branch out into other areas of electronics.

Since graduating from Saskatchewan Polytechnic he has worked in a variety of technical positions: cellular telephony, industrial robots, computer animation are just some of the things he’s done.

Way back in the early 90’s, while working as an exhibit maintenance and design technician at the Science Center he stumbled upon the Internet. The Science Center had a dial-up account with the University of Regina that was part of Sasknet, part of the early backbone of the internet. This was before there were hardly ANY commercial internet providers, here or anywhere else in the world.

Needless to say, our founder considers himself an early adopter of tech!

Him and a few geeks at the science center were some of the very first people in Regina to surf the net. Moving up from local dial-up bulletin boards to the actual internet was freakin awesome.  Even if it was at 2400 baud.

Because he was a telecommunications technician, he jumped right in. As a hobby he started posting YouTube videos in 2008.