Baby Orangutan Useless Machine



Jumbleview was inspired by the Make Magazine article to build this version of the Useless Machine.  It doesn’t use a toggle-switch, instead it uses two micro-switches and it counts how many button presses take place.  The arm comes out and presses the button the same number of times.

The Machine uses a micro controller called a Pololu Baby Orangutan B-168, which I believe to be very similar to an Arduino.  The source code can be found here.

Unlike the other micro-controller based Useless Machines, this version REALLY POWERS ITSELF DOWN!

I also like how he’s designed the mechanics of the arm.  Great job Jumbleview!

One thought on “Baby Orangutan Useless Machine

  1. Jumbleview

    Thank you very much for mentioning this machine in you blog and for evaluating this project so highly. You are right, Pololu Baby Orangutan is pretty similar to Arduino. I have found it very convenient for making small devices, which uses motors and relays, as far as it integrates H-bridge circuit. I am not affiliated with Pololu site but just user. My intention was to publish code in case if there will be people who has interest in it. Looks like indeed there is some. I will upload the program (which is short and quite a simple) and will provide url in comments to the movie.

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