So Easy a Five Year Old Can Do It!

Some folks are hesitant to buy a Useless Machine kit because they don’t know how to solder.  If you feel this way, you should check out the above video (link).  Brett W. is the Dad in this video and you can read about this and other great hacking over at his site, FightCube.

Learning how to solder is as easy as reading a comic book:  You can download a PDF of Soldering is Easy over at The Mighty Ohm.

The basic principles of soldering only takes a few minutes to learn.  And if I can do it, anyone can.


What are your thoughts, is five too young an age to be soldering?


Video via Hackaday, Comic via Makezine Blog.

2 thoughts on “So Easy a Five Year Old Can Do It!

  1. Brett W. (

    Hey Brett,

    Nice name!

    To answer your question, 5 years old is just right for me… that’s my son in the video above 😉 I would say whatever age your child is starting to develop strong hand-eye coordination skills, understands dangers of things like HOT STOVES, has an attention span longer than 10 seconds ( I think all kids go through this phase ), will wear safety goggles, and can hold a soldering iron steady without shaking too much… they are ready to go! All you need is an encouraging parent that can make learning fun, and is willing to have some patience to let mistakes happen. Mistakes are practice! And you know what they say about practice 😉 If you child likes to build things, with legos, or likes crafts… soldering is a step up for sure, but will be much easier to digest.

    Best Regards!
    Brett W. (

    1. Brett Post author

      Thanx, you too!

      I think you answered the question perfectly.

      Due to not having an attention span longer than 10 seconds, I neglected to put a link to your site in the post, but I’ve corrected that.

      Very cool stuff, I encourage everyone to check it out.

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