Laser-Cut Tokens Make the World Go ‘Round

Crash Bang Labs AGM Tokens

Crash Bang Labs AGM Tokens

Regina maker space, Crash Bang Labs celebrates it’s first Annual General Meeting with commemorative laser-cut tokens.

I highjacked Bill Wales original idea of a black acrylic coin, and suggested pushing the frivolous envelope with a toonie-ish design.

Our finished project is a token made with a laser cut 3mm thick black acrylic outer ring with “Crash Bang Labs Annual General Meeting” engraved on both sides. The 3mm thick baltic-birch plywood insert has “1st” on one side & the CBL logo on the reverse.

It was a labor-intensive endeavor to produce 40 tokens, Bill & I spent over four hours creating these gems.  The next batch will go much quicker as we also created jigs to help align the engraving of the tail-side of the parts.  About half of the time was spent on design and rest on actually cutting and engraving the tokens.

The AGM takes place today at 2 PM, at 2431 8th Ave (East side of The Exchange, North-most door).  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Immediately following the meeting we’ll move the festivities over to The Exchange for fizzy pops and grub.

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